About Me

WHO IS 桃@Momo?

Photo Travel Blogger and Writer
Born in September, 1992 and from east Tokyo.

Countries(and Cities)

-Australia(Gold Coast, Hamilton island)
-Czech Republic(Prague)
-Netherlands(Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Leiden, Scheveningen, Rotterdam)
-Sweden(Gothenburg, Lund)
-U.K.(Bath, Edinburgh, Oxford, London)
-U.S.A.(Charlotte(NC), D.C., Orland(FL), Savannah(GA), )


– English
– movie
– travel
– photograph

Things I like

– marvel and DC heroes
– design in Scandinavia
– Magic hour(Golden hour)
– small cities especially not famous place
– cities surrounded by water

When I was 14, I went to Tokyo Tower with my friend who live in Switzerland.
I decided to go see the world at the time because I thought the view and my mind were very small in this world and saw that she can speak 5 languages.

Traveled alone for the very first time to Geneva, Swiss to see her when I was 18.
I felt how much important English is for the world and went to study abroad to UNCC ELTI

After I came back to Japan, I went to collage for studying International Relations and talking with my international friends in English.
I went to study abroad again to Oxford City in England where I really wanted to go for a long time since I saw Harry Potter during the last spring break before hunting a job.
(And made a lot of friends who are from Europe and South America.)

I decided to go travel around Europe because I cannot stop thinking about historical cities there.
A hotel I stay in is definitely over 3 stars(sometimes 4 stars), have meal at restaurant and keep staying safely and near famous place or station.
I spent most of all my money I save up from working part-time.

After I graduated, I straight worked for travel agency in Japan and I sold a lot of tours mainly north and middle America, Europe, Australia and NZ.
I was the number one 12 times as sales in 23 months, that is why I got a business trip to Hamilton Island and Gold Coast.

Now, I changed my jobs sometimes but focus on being a Photographer, travel and movie writer.